Ana Maria… e o fata / Ana Maria… is a girl

Cred ca a sosit momentul sa vorbesc despre Ana Maria. In mare parte pentru ca am promis ca o sa scriu ceva frumos despre ea cu ocazia zilei sale de nastere care a trecut total pe langa mine (28 mai) si pe de alta parte pentru ca am inceput seria asta de posturi in legatura cu de ce sunt asa ciudata si Ana Maria a jucat un rol destul de important in acceptarea propriei mele ciudatenii.

Si o sa scriu asta in romana si in engleza pentru ca Ana are colegi la Oxford care sigur vor dori sa stie ce lucruri dragute se scriu despre ea.

Deci Ana e o fata pe care o cunosc de 12 ani, de cand m-am mutat in scoala ei in clasa a VI-a si am devenit colege de clasa. Insa in gimnaziu eram prea fucked up ca sa ma gandesc la altceva decat cum sa supravietuiesc gimnaziului prin urmare abia cand s-au mai calmat furtunile emotionale/hormonale in liceu… am reluat legatura cu AnaMaria si am descoperit ca hey… e o tipa cam tare asa.  Cam nerdy pentru binele ei dar si eu eram cam geeky pentru binele meu.

Astazi tot glumim despre vremurile alea, dupa ce am trecut printr-o pubertate, o adolescenta si stagiile jenante de inceput ale asa zisei maturitati.  In alte cuvinte, impreuna ne-am vazut cand eram in cea mai jalnica stare posibila… deci e imposibil sa ne mai surprindem in vreun fel.

E cam greu sa vorbesc despre Ana pentru ca stiu ca ce zic acum ramane scris si ii ramane la indemana sa ma tortureze cu el. De asemenea fata are talentul auto-negatiei instantanee. Orice lucru bun zici despre ea, neaga instantaneu: „Matura? Nu sunt matura. Speciala? Nu sunt speciala. Super tare? Pai poate sunt… dar tot mai crezi ca sunt matura?”

Prin urmare nu are rost sa insir o lista insipida de calitati gen: „Ana e desteapta, sincera, generoasa”. Pentru ca astea nu sunt decat cuvinte si cand le zic fiecare isi formeaza o parere despre ce inseamna dar acele proiectii nu vor insuma neaparat tot ce este destept, sincer, generos la Ana.

Pot sa zic totusi ca Ana este side-kick-ul meu de incredere. Just kidding. Tineti-va rosiile putrede, mai ales tu Ana. Ce pot sa afirm cu incredere este ca Ana este complicele meu. Ea este persoana catre care privesc atunci cand cineva zice ceva stupid sau ridicol, iar noi doua vom imparti o privire conspiratoare si vom chicoti din nici un alt motiv decat ca amandoua ne-am prins.

Presupun ca asta se datoreaza faptului ca avem o viziune de ansamblu asupra umanitatii asemanatoare. Credem ca oamenii sunt dusi cu pluta. Toti. Gramezi de paranoia si psihoza in blugi si cu freza gelata. Dar Ana cu siguranta este mai umblata decat mine, cunoaste mai multi oameni decat mine si se afla in pozitia de a ajuta mai mult oameni decat mine. Ceea ce si face. Din nou si din nou, fiind persoana buna la suflet si fucking insane care e.

Si din moment ce suntem pe aceeasi lungime de unda si Ana este o fiinta nebuna dar buna la suflet, cu ea ma simt cel mai comfortabil cand vine vorba sa spun ce am pe suflet. Pentru ca stiu ca o sa inteleaga, chiar daca venim din medii total diferite si am avut vieti diferite. Intr-un fel sau altul am ajuns in acel stadiu de relationare in care dincolo de interese comune si hobby-uri comune, oamenii pur si simplu se potrivesc, indiferent cat de ciudata ar parea combinatia la prima vedere.  E un fel de combinatie gen branza cu mucegai si ciocolata, sau Michael Jackson si familia Simpsons.

Prea devreme pentru glume cu Michael Jackson? Imi cer scuze.

Ce e bine in toata povestea asta cu branza puturoasa si ciocolata (o las pe Ana sa decida cine ce este dintre noi doua) este ca o astfel de relatie se poate sustine pe sine si cand prietenii sunt despartiti de distante considerabile.

Deci Ana, abia astept sa reducem distanta la zero, cu coazia vacantei noastre la Paris. La multi ani si sa mai prindem 12 ani impreuna.


I think it’s about time I talked about Ana Maria. Mostly because I promised her I’d write something nice about her for her birthday which came and went (28th may) and but also because I started this series of posts about why I’m so weird and AnaMaria has played a pretty big part in my own acceptance of my weirdness.

And I’m going to write this in both romanian and english, because I’m sure she’ll want to spread it around her classmates to let them know what pretty things are being said about her.

So Ana Maria… is a girl. And I’ve known this girl for close to 12 years now. We met when I was transferred to her school and we became classmates. But during gymnasium I was to fucking focused on somehow surviving gymnasium itself to become close friends with anybody, and it was only during highschool that I somehow reconected with Ana and discovered that hey, she’s kinda cool.  Kinda nerdy for her own good, but I was kinda geeky for mine.

Now we joke all the time that we’ve been through puberty, adolescence and the awkward early stages of adulthood together. So from here on we can’t possibly get more pathetic and surprise each other.

It’s kinda hard to talk about Ana Maria because I know that whatever I say, she’ll use it later on to torture me with it. On the other hand, she has the gift of instantenous self-negation. She’ll instantenously deny any positive thing you say about her. „Mature? I’m not mature. Special? I’m not special. Awesome? Well maybe I am… By the way, do you still think I’m mature?”.

I’m not gonna go down a long list of qualities like: „I like Ana cause she’s smart, or funny, or kind, or generous” because ultimately when I say the words everybody has a different idea of what they mean and it may or may not encompass all that is smart, funny or generous about Ana. In fact I’m pretty sure they wouldn’t.

I can say however that Ana Maria is my trusty side kick. Nah, scratch that. Just kidding. She’s my co-conspirator. She’s that person that I look across the room for when somebody does something silly or stupid, and me and her would share a knowing look and giggle for no reason at all other than the fact we both „get it”.

We are conected by the same similar view of people I guess. In short, we think people are fucking insane. All people. Walking, talking, full to the brim buckets of paranoia and psychosis. But Ana certainly knows more people than I do and she’s in the position to help more people than I am. Which she does, being such a kind insane person.

And since we’re so attuned to the intricate working of the world and being that she’s such a kind insane person, she’s the one I feel most comfortable in sharing absolutely everything about my life precisely because she gets it. Because for some reason, although we come from very different backgrounds and have very different personalities, after 12 years, we somehow reached that mythical plane of social kinship, beyond common goals or common interests, where people simply fit together even though it might not make perfect sense in the beginning. It’s like blue cheese and chocolate or Michael Jackson and the Simpsons.

I’m sorry, is it to early for Michael Jackson jokes? Sorry about that.

The good thing about reaching the plane of stinky cheese and chocolate (I’ll let Ana decide who is what) is that a friendship like that can sustain itself even if said friends are separated by great distances.

So Ana, I’m looking forward to once again reducing that distance to zero and spending our holiday in France. Happy birthday good buddy. Here’s to the next 12 years together.


2 responses to “Ana Maria… e o fata / Ana Maria… is a girl

  1. I’m def the smelly cheese!! Brie if possible, creamy and delicious but bad for your arteries :p

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