Born in the year of the Oxford – Day Unu

Seeing as I’m in the country that has spawned this fetid language this post will be in english. Cat despre restul posturilor despre ce fac eu in Oxford/Londra/UK nu stiu. But today I’m rocking the Shakespeare speak so bear with me.

So I took a trip to Oxford to visit my brainy/awesome friend Ana. I got here because I thought that I wanna go somehwere for my birthday, somewhere that requires a security check-in and 300 litres of airplane fuel. So I decided on England specifically because Ana is here and I had  a place to stay. The trip for my birthday was delayed for february for monetary concerns.

And now here I am, updating my blog because I wanna keep track of this experience.

So here’s how the first day went. Got up at around 4 am after getting just one hour of sleep. Went over all the crap that I stuffed in my suffering suitcase and then jumped in a cab for Otopeni Airport. The fare was 44 lei, for people who wanna know. At the airport, the check in and the security check went as expected. Once again i was asked to take off my shoes. Blasted security nazis.

However, the real fun started at Charles de Gaulle Airport (where I had a conecting flight to London). Because I in my ignorance didn’t realise that getting from terminal 2F to terminal 2E could be such a challence worthy of a modern day Sisiphus. Let me put it this way. There’s a bus. And where there’s a bus there’s a delay. And not only did I have to take the bus to get to a terminal in the same freakin airport, but I was delayed at the security check because some doofus in front of me had a computer in his backpack and neglected to tell anybody about and I was held up at the security check for 10 minutes, pointlessly. And still I had to put my shoes back on when everything was done. Of course I considered sliding through the airport barefoot.

This whole thing makes me even more nervous about the connecting flight home (on monday) because if this time I had an hour to get from 2F to 2E, next time I’ll have something like 40 minutes. Crap.

During the flight to London I had my first oficial „airplane small talk with your neighbor”! You see my first 4 plane rides were spent in complete and utter silence, ignoring the fact that you’re stuck in a flying deathtrap with 200 or so individuals. And ever since I was little I have had this fantasy that when I take a train or a plane, I will get to meet fascinating people. One could see why riding the train in Romania could render obsolete such childish fantasies, but hey with the plane, I still got a shot.

So I landed in London right on time. Weather was excellent after the monday mother scare because on monday morning my mom woke me up in af renzy: „OMG! London is teh sucks!” or something. She doesn’t actually talk like that but the Internet has screweded up mai perceptionz. Take the coach to Oxford and arrive at about 12:30. I patiently await my pimp for the following week, Ana and she wisks me off to have lunch.

The meals at Ana’s college are served in a dining room with three long wooden tables. Picture a smaller, meeker version of the dining hall at |Hogwarts. Anyway, everybody is talking. And I mean everybody. About all sorts of stuff. From their courses, to travelling to just small talk. It’s a great vibe to see people so open to interaction with one another although all I cared about was eating.

After lunch, Ana goes to study cause she has an essay or a test or something tomorow (I can’t be bothered to remember these things). So I stay on the laptop and chit-chat with Andreea for a while to thank her for all her lovely messages, about going away and having fun and whatnot. My brother asks me if I have 3d glasses. That’s actually not that important but it was such a strange WTF moment.

When Ana returns we got a cute cafe called Cafe Noir I think… or Norr or something like that where we chit-chat for a while with one of her very cool, very funny friends Geraldine. It is at this point in time that I notice Ana’s slightly british accent.

After coffee with Geraldine I go take a walk to get used to my suroundings. while Ana goes back to studying. It’s a lovely place Oxford, filled with coffee shops and stores. Went inside a Gap and some other couple of places. Couldn’t resist and I bought two pairs of earrings from a street merchant.

After doing my rounds I came back to the college to have dinner with Ana and her colegues. Again, lots of talking. Do these people ever stop talking? But between breaks of yapping, people took advantage of their open mouths to stuff some food in there and many went back for seconds. After dinner I had a glass of wine with Ana in what’s seems to be the college’s break room. It’s a dingy little place with two pool tables (been there twice at different times and the same 4 guys were playing pool, they must be like the Jay and Silent Bob croonies of the place, kinda hanging arond pretending to be cool*).

So now I’m back in the room updating my blog while Ana is away selling cocaine in the streets. Actually she’s back to studying in the IT centre, but I had you going didn’t I? In the days to come I have to attend a formal dinner with Ana, visit the local comic book shop, Ben’s cookies (which Ana has raved about for quite some time), do a day trip to Cambridge, Bath or York (to be decided, though I’m leaning towards York) and the weekend is reserved for London.


My first impression of Oxford is one overwhelmingly polite. Because that’s what this place is. They are so polite. |Even the „no smoking” signs are polite. „May I remind you that smoking is not allowed on the premises” . What a wimpyway to say „Don’t fucking smoke”. See, gets the point across and it doesn’t come with an inherent request:

May i remind you…
No you may not.
And if you really wanna be polite: „Don’t fucking smoke, sir”. 🙂

* That’s not to say that Jay and Silent Bob are not cool. As we all know, they are the very definiton of cool.


4 responses to “Born in the year of the Oxford – Day Unu

  1. You go get them, you romanian girly 🙂 don’t fogert to update daily i’m watching you

  2. In what language? (are Jay and Silent Bob the definition of cool)

    Anywayz, glad you arrived there safely and keep us updated as much as you can.

  3. in dulcele stil clasic 🙂

  4. Mda.
    Absolutely fucking classic.
    Voi savura fiecare zi in parte, ca la five o’ clock….
    Chiar daca retroactiv, din motive balcanic bulucite…

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